Hello, I'm Sway,

I created this blog to share some woodworking projects as well as other DIY projects I am interested in or working on.  I hope to help other people save money building projects doing things on the cheap, rather than buying pre made stuff from stores.

I'll start by sharing that I am a huge advocate of doing things myself due to upcharging most construction workers, mechanics, and stores place on their products & services.

Take Ikea for example...

You can purchase a bed frame for about $200, but realistically you're buying something that's practically made out of cardboard and thin sheets of mdf or cheap low quality wood.

I know I'd personally want that peace of mind knowing my bed is sturdy enough and will hold up in the long run with quality material.  I'd also have more control over what the product looks like and be able to add whatever support and customization I'd like by doing these things myself. (Probably for about the same price if not less as well).

These are some of the types of things I plan to share on this blog so stay tuned!